Minto By-Laws and Ordinance

Minto By-Laws

DISCLAIMER: The electronic versions of the by-laws are in PDF format and are provided for your convenience. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of its contents, the Village of Minto does not assume any responsibility for the reliability of the contents. If an official version of a by-law is required or to ensure that there have been no subsequent amendments, reference must be made to the paper version of the document which is held in the Village Clerk's Office.

The following by-laws may be read or downloaded here by clicking on the links that will open a PDF document in a new window

By-laws not listed here may be consulted at the Village Office during regular office hours.


By-Laws and Ordinance 

By-Law 1 Boundaries of the Village of Minto
By-Law 9 Regulate and License Peddlers
By-Law 069 Respecting Capital Reserve Fund
By-Law 110 - 110AB Winter Parking
By-Law 111 - 111ABC Loitering
By-Law 114 Amendments Sewer System
By-Law 114 Amendments MNOP Sewer Services
By-Law 127 Subdivision By-Law
By-Law 129 - 129A Relating to Parking
By-Law 131-A Community Disaster Planning By-Law
By-Law 138 Procedural By-Law
By-Law 139 - 139 BC Respecting Sunday Shopping
By-Law 141 Respecting Parklands
By-Law 142 Respecting the Numbering of Buildings
By-Lay 143 Establish a Planning Advisory Committee
By-Law 144 Short version - Dangerous and Unsightly Premise
By-Law 145 To Close Portion of Diamond Drive
By-Law 146 Part 1 The Fire Department
By-Law 147 Control of Animals
By-Law 148 Building By-Law
By-Law 149 Rural Plan Effective February 2013
By-Law 149-01 Amendments Rural Plan By-law - April 2013

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